Monday, 18 December 2017

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Rising Sun

Rising Sun

(By Onkar Dubey)

         One day I was thinking about my life that what I have done and what should be done. I have a stress in my mind and a lot of thinking comes to my mind. At that time I was seeing the whole world situation and compared it to my personal situation I found that my problem is nothing in comparison to others. I was looking the whole world in term of fact and kingdom then I found that one truth "The Death" This fact happen automatically without any action. If you do nothing then it will come and If you do anything yet it will come. Then I go to my father and asked him " Father, what is immortal " My father said "Nothing" then I replied why we are working whereas nothing is Immortal ....are we working for a living? My father said,"Yes child." Then I ask one last question "Is there any way to live a long time?" My father said " If You close your eyes and sun is rising or setting, You be able to differentiate, In the same way, right and wrong works. Everyone knows right and wrong before doing anything whether they accept or not, whether they do or not but they knew. In the same way, every possible solution is there in the world just need you to find it. I think you will find it soon to live a long time after that my father went to their work and I was struggling with my question and answer I search it on devotion books and Youtube channel and on Internet query and I find nothing, I was started thinking about God that why are they (GOD) Immortal, I think about "Lord Ram" I asked the question to myself  that "why Lord Ram is immortal?" and I find that Lord Ram is not immortal, their work is immortal, their thoughts are immortal which has changed the world, He has sacrificed for people, for the word of his father, his respect, and for peace. who have lost their wife in the middle of the jungle and did not have an army to fight for him and still did not misplaced by his true path, that thing makes him different. Similarly Lord Krishna, Lord Allah, Lord Isha Maseeh etc... In term of history," Alexander the Great, Great Ashoka, Great Akbar etc." They all know for his act and decision.

          After reading a lot of history and devotion books I found the immortal thing is "Knowledge "  that you have earned and explored. while your thoughts are running you will be live whether you died or alive. Your thoughts, your actions that you have given to the world is will never let you die. The similarity of thought and action makes people stronger if you have that thing, It will definitely make you different. You born in the fabulous word where many people defined himself, created hir/her history. You are also one of them while you did not stop thinking about doing a great thing. Just imagine one think you born, live and died, what you have done? Is that a life? I did not think so. You have worked in a corporate company, earned money, and spend to live your life is it enough? Is this thing you want to make your life. I believe that one think If you did not do anything for the world, you did not leave a history till that you are nothing. you are only like an organism which you have read in biology.

         Make yourself stronger, make a promise to yourself that you will not leave the world while you did not give enough thing to the world "Success is not what you accomplish in your life it is about what you inspire others to do." Now you are thinking about how living is possible but yes it is possible, Think about your willpower there is nothing impossible. If you think about your work more than your limitation, If you extend your thinking limitation towards your desire thing you will not able to listen to others word and the whole universe push you to do your desire thing and no one can stop you. I want to simply say you that if you really want to do no one can stop to do, your brain and power inside you will become more powerful.

Give something to world and it will never let you down
Onkar Dubey

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